1. grate, rasp, file, scrape off; strip, decorticate, peel, skin, bark, husk, shuck, excoriate; grind, whet, sand, sandpaper, pumice; abrade, rub off, chafe, graze, scour, scrub; smooth, polish, burnish, buff.
2. scratch, scuff, mar, scar, Scot. scart, deface, disfigure, flaw; damage, impair, injure, harm, spoil, ruin; engrave, mark, print, imprint, impress, trace, draw.
3.Usu. scrape up or together
glean, gather, get or bring together, rake or take in, garner; acquire, obtain, collect, assemble, muster, marshal; amass, aggregate, agglomerate, accumulate, cumulate, compile; stack, heap or pile up, lump together, Inf. stash.
4. grate, rasp, grit, gride, clank, jangle; screech, creak, screak, shrill, stridulate, sound off key, jar, clash, set one's teeth on edge; squawk, caw, croak, bray; scratch, crunch, scrunch.
5. bow, salaam, curtsy, genuflect; kowtow, kiss the hem or feet, grovel, bow and scrape.
6. get by, barely manage; economize, be frugal or thrifty, husband, conserve, Archaic. manage.
7. grate, grating, rasp, rasping, filing, grinding, whetting, sanding, sandpapering, pumicing; stripping, decortication, decorticating, peeling, skinning, excoriation, excoriating; abrasion, abrading, chafe, chafing, graze, grazing, scour, scouring, scrub, scrubbing; polishing, smoothing, burnishing, buffing.
8. bow, salaam, obeisance, curtsy, genuflection, kowtow, groveling, bowing and scraping.
9. gritting, gride, griding, clank, clanking, jangle, jangling; screech, screeching, creak, creaking, screak, screaking, shrilling, stridulation, stridulating; sounding off key, jarring, clash, clashing; squawk, squawking, caw, cawing, croak, croaking, braying; scratch, scratching, crunch, crunching, scrunch, scrunching.
10. abrasion, rub, scuff, graze, scratch, sore.
11. predicament, imbroglio, position, situation, circumstance; dilemma, quandary, entanglement, trouble, difficulty, kettle of fish; plight, fix, pinch, strait, tough or tight spot, pickle, stew, mess, muddle.
12. collision, clash, argument, quarrel, embroilment, altercation, squabble, wrangle, brawl, fight, strife; dispute, conflict, contention, controversy, debate; friction, dissension, disagreement, contrariety, difference of opinion.

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